In James’ eyes no project is too ambitious. If a project has potential James can guarantee that he will guide it to completion using his experience as a producer from previous productions. James work mostly in film, short films, and is hungry for larger projects.

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Every film, music video and commercial has one thing in common. They all aim to sell an idea or an actual product to an audience. In James’ experiences working with commercial clientele he has proven himself able to deliver a high quality media product, allowing for businesses to advertise in style, without overspending.



James believes that an incredible performance can be emphasised and nurtured with the correct, professional, video capture. Not only showcasing his ability but also promoting yours, the clients.

About James

James Knowles is experienced in working as a freelance producer through his production company Entity Pictures; working with The Salford Rum Company producing a commercial and TEVA Pharmaceuticals creating in-house content. James has also produced seven short films, some of which have been award-nominated (Hollywood verge Film Festival Best Short Film Nominee), and several music videos.

Photographer: Danny Bott

Photographer: Danny Bott

James decided to dedicate his life to filmmaking at an early age (17) and attended University to study Film Production at the University of Salford, based in MediaCityUK.

Through his degree and freelance work, James gained necessary experience which is invaluable such as; time management, people management, scheduling, budgeting, adhering to a client’s needs, working with kit houses, and most importantly producing an impressive final product under budget and on time.

James believes that the purpose of film and TV is to inspire change, deep thought, or just to escape from the mundane aspects of day to day life - and is hungry to expand his knowledge base, improve, and further his skills in order to contribute to this form of modern-day escapism.


for ‘The Scientist’ (Short Film)

Producer, Writer, Director and actor.

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For ‘Grounded Love’ (Short Screenplay)


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(Short Film)

Producer, Writer and Director.

What People Say

Josh Welch

Works professionally and within planned times as much as possible.

- Actor

Tommy Gaughan

Worked very well to a brief. Produced a very satisfying final product on schedule and under budget. I will be using your services again.

- The Salford Rum Company

Matthew Evans

Always the silver tongue.

- Director