In my eyes no project is too ambitious. If an idea has potential I will make sure that it comes to fruition and is completed. Below are a few examples of my most recent, and best, shorts work. My primary role in each film I have worked on is producer, however I am also experienced in writing and directing. Please see the credits for further details.

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Short Films

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Alexa Fielding follows a series of sticky notes with cryptic messages from her friend Sam. However the more notes she reads the sooner she realises that not everything is as innocent as she first though


While working on a new story, a writer's creativity yields unexpected results.

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Night Palace

A young man, Adam, goes through several stages of grief in the wake of his girlfriend Jill’s sudden death. This is a surrealistic art film.

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Surviving under the regime of a totalitarian government a stoic teenager encounters an illegal free-willed android, A1F, and is forced to turn on him in order to survive.

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Two detectives pursue a pathological liar, Grimney, and the crime he claims to have commit. Two detectives are challenged with interviewing him in an attempt to solve a murder, however their efforts are wasted due to their perps peculiar behaviour.